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Childproof locks for your Home

With so many people who choose to work from home, the search for better security and increased privacy is on the rise. One of the things that we found to be most important for consumers when adding this layer of security, is a locking mechanism that can be locked and unlocked exclusively from inside of the room.

The Best Childproof Locks

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Locking yourself inside can make you feel somewhat more protected, but it can also become a big risk. What if you are hurt and need assistance but cannot unlock the door? What if you have small children who might lock you outside of your own home?

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Although there are some pros to having a locking device that cannot be picked or bypassed, you must weight also the cons before making the best decision for you and your family. 

The Good & The Bad about Childproof Locks

The Good

  • Increased sense of security
  • Cost effective 
  • Easily installed/ removed
  • Durability, Stylish look & feel

The Bad

  • Can’t be unlocked from outside during emergencies 
  • Requires a bypass device
  • Emergencies might lead to property damage
  • Impossible for a certain users to leave the house in case of an emergency (elderly, children, disabled people, etc.).

Residential Childproof Lock Install

How to bypass your lock mechanism

The best way to bypass your childproof lock or anytime of lock that cannot be accessed from the outside is by creating “back door” during installation. 

A wi-fi garage door opener connected to your phone can be considered back door, so does keyed lock installed on your garage door. 

This is a staging enviroment

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