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How to Get a Replacement Lexus Key

Lexus key replacement can be obtained at the dealership or with the assistant of local locksmith in your area.

The main difference between the two is that a car locksmith will travel to your location, while getting a key made at the dealer requires you to tow your vehicle there.

Program a Lexus Key

Lexus car keys & Fobs can be purchased from a locksmith, online or by visiting parts department at a local Lexus dealer.

After buying a replacement key or Lexus fob, you still need to cut the blade and program the transponder chip and the remote/ keyless features.

Programming a Lexus smart key requires diagnostic tools. Customers with only one key who chose to get a spare key online may need to contact a nearby automotive locksmith to cut & program the key.

Lost Lexus Key

Lexus Key Replacement Cost

The cost to replace lost Lexus key by a locksmith can be divided to four categories.

  • 1990 – 1997 (Basic key, No chip) $120 – $150
  • 1997 – 2003 (Early transponder, Requires a new ECU or Reflash of existing) $280 – $400
  • 2003 – 2010 (Transponder key with or without a remote) $140 – $200
  • 2007+ Smart key / Proximity Key / Keyless Fob $295 – $400


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Keys in each category priced difference. For some, you can use a cheaper aftermarket alternative while for others you’ll be required to purchase an OEM fob. Additionally, early models requires a new ECU (or a skilled locksmith who can Re-Flash yours without damaging your vehicle). On top of that, obtaining your key code for vehicle can take 5 or 60 minutes (Was your Lexus made before 2004?), a factor that needs to be addressed when making a new key.

Lost Lexus Key

Found your old Lexus fob? Don’t throw it away!

Lost Lexus keys can be re-programmed if found. However, as part of Lexus security system requires us to reset your car immobilizer if all keys are lost, before we can add a new key. This process can be skipped if you are making a duplicate key.

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