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What to do if you lost your only Ford car key

Everything you need to know if you’ve lost your Ford key and need a replacement. From getting a new key made by VIN and all the way back to originate a new key manually.

A simple list of do and don’t when it comes to the best way to get a replacement Ford key.

Ford Car Keys

Ford is making cars since 1908. Hence, The variety of Ford keys and methods to make those keys to work cannot be priced equally. The way we calculate a replacement car key cost is not always based on the price of the actual key, but on mix of considerations instead

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How to Get a Replacement Ford Key

Assuming you’ve lost your only Ford key and seek a fast solution, you may end up paying more than you should. So, what are all the ways to get a replacement Ford key when all keys are lost and how much, realistically, it’s gonna cost you.

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The Dealer

Maybe the first option that comes in mind, especially if your Ford is using an Intelligent Access Vehicle Key, the classic P.A.T.S. (Passive Anti Theft System) keys or classic Ford keys.

If you decided to take your car to the dealer, you may be responsible to the hauling costs, also you may be required to leave you car at the dealership for service.

Find a Ford Dealer

Car Locksmith in Maricopa, AZ

One of the most common solutions is hiring a local car locksmith in Maricopa, AZ to make a replacement key.

Most locksmiths has access to Ford key codes and can assist you programming a new key for your Ford, rekey your ignition, unlock your vehicle or even make a key when the key code is NOT availbale.

On October 1, 1908, the first production Model T Ford is completed at the company’s Piquette Avenue plant in Detroit. Between 1908 and 1927, Ford would build some 15 million Model T cars.

Source: History.com

Additionally, most locksmiths trip charge fee is less than 50% of an average tow track, plus the locksmith is able to make you a key on-site, meaning NO Towing and also, in most cases, a cheaper and faster Ford key replacement.

DIY (2 Options)

Option 1 (MUST Have 2 working keys):

If you already have a working key and need to get a duplicate Ford key made, you can buy a Ford key blank online, have it copied at any Hardware store, then use this procedure to program additional keys to your Ford.

Option 2 (No Keys):

If you have your own Ford Scan Tool and want to program your own keys, you can walk to the nearest Ford dealership with your Driver License and registration or Vehicle Title and purchase pre-cut keys for your car.

For liability reasons we cannot recommend any machine for that purpose, but information about this topic is widely spread over the internet.

To summarized, You got more than on option to get your Ford keys made. Whether it’s a local locksmith that you trust, Ford dealer or a DIY project, this decision should be made by your time and budget.

As locksmiths, we charge about $150 for a standard Ford key replacement and about $230 for Ford IA Keys.

In general, getting keys made at the dealership (+ towing fee) can easily cross the $500 barrier, while by using a local auto locksmith you can save up to 50%, sometimes even more.

If your only Ford key is lost, you may be required to purchase 2 keys in order to successfully close the programming cycle. This is a requirement for most Ford card between the years 1997-2003 and most 2012 and later models (to current).

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