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Toyota Camry Key Replacement Cost Calculator

Losing your Toyota key can be very stressful, but with the right locksmith, a replacement key can be made in minutes.

Unlike other cars, The Camry has a unique key-code system, designed especially for situations like this, where all keys are lost. This system allows quick access to your vehicle key-code, and with the right tools a key replacement can be made in 30 minutes or less.

Toyota Camry Key

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Economical key would have the correct G or H Chip (Engraved on your blade) with or without Toyota logo (OEM or Aftermarket key) and can be cut to manually unlock your Camry and also programmed to start your car.

toyota h chicp key

Remote head key would have same functionality as the economical transponder key, but also the 4 buttons (Lock/ Unlock/ Trunk/ Panic) that will enable you remotely lock and unlock your Toyota Camry.

Toyota Key from Code

All of our Toyota Camry keys are cut by code, meaning that we are using your vehicle original key code to make new car key. Your new key would have the same shape as the one that you’ve lost, with only one different – once programmed, it would be the only registered key to your vehicle and the previous key, although can be used to manually unlock your car doors, will not start your vehicle anymore. This is a security feature assigned with your Camry by Toyota and there is no way to bypass it. If you will, however, locate your missing key in the future, you should find a locksmith to have it re-programmed again.

Locked your key inside your car?

Your key might beside your car, trunk, left inside your ignition switch or was just dropped somewhere inside your Camry. If you have doubts, we recommend taking a minute to search the inside of your vehicle once unlocked by our local locksmiths. If your key was found inside your car, hooray! Pay the basic lockout/ service charge fee and drive away! But wait – With a locksmith on-site it may be a good opportunity for you to make a duplicate Toyota key, now that you know how it feels to lose one.

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