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Let customer know that you work with a pricing guide.

We invite locksmiths who believe in collaboration and teamwork to join us a work with fair pricing guide for on-site key replacement (Prices update monthly). When customers see the price they want you to compete for their business by offering faster, better and sometimes even cheaper service in a world of constant competition. If you agree with our rates, then we want to work with you!

Install Find My Keys badge and add your name to our service directory For Free, and we’ll let customers in your area know where they can find a reputable locksmith for cars, motorcycle, residential and commercial locks. Need more leads? Check out our direct lead program.

Please note that multiple customer complaints may get your name removed from our database. Although we offer complimentary listing on our website we reserve the right to charge for this or similar premium services in the future.

We advice new locksmiths to view our pricing before they sign up for the program and also to follow the pricing guide on the app (Prices updates periodically) before providing estimates to customers. We know that our rates are not always the cheapest or the highest and we thank you for making the necessary adjustments to your prices in order to get into a bigger ring or service professionals.


$10 Locksmith? Don’t Bite the Bait! Get your Price and hire a local pro!

Customers Look for Find My keys badge!

$10 Locksmiths? Here is why you should say no. We all know that replacement car key is going to cost more than $10, so why would you put yourself in the hands on the unknown when you can get a fair price for the job and avoid that unpleasant negotiation on-site? With Find My Keys cost calculators you get a price for the job then look fora nearby locksmith or fill in the app and let us connect you with the best locksmith in your area!

Ready to accept more work? Great! Place the badge on your website and start getting more traffic. You will be surprised how many customers look for a price before they hire a locksmith and will be happy to work with a skilled locksmith in your area.

<a href="https://findmykeys.app/locksmith-cost/" target="_blank"><img src="https://findmykeys.app/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Badge2021.png" align="middle" alt="Find My Keys"></a> 

Get quality leads to your business and increase your revenue. Display Find My Key badge on your website to let customers know that you work with transparent pricing and to get verified as an authorized locksmith. By installing the badge you agree to accept bids in your service area in or close to our suggested rate and agree to received paid or free customer leads. To install the badge please copy and paste this code to your website: If you need assistance we offer free support and can help you place the code. [Submit Request]

Looking for Direct Leads?

We offer jobs by distance, make year & model of the vehicle, Lock rekey and emergency lockouts. Before approval you will need to provide copies of your driver license, business license, locksmith license and insurance information. We’ve got customers in your area that need your services! If you want to boost your free listings with direct leads, download the Jobox app and submit this application. If you just wish to get listed, email a request to hello@findmykeys.app with a link to your website where the badge is posted.

We We deliver quality and cost effective locksmith service through our employees and independent contractors. It is important for us to work with the best locksmiths. Best in customer service and best with their hands. We, gentlemen, rely on each other.

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