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Car Keys & Remote Programming service in Casa Grande, AZ

Aftermarket car keys and remotes slowly becoming a real alternative to traditional dealership route. With more and more customers buying these cheap aftermarket car keys online, a new problem was born. How to cut and program keys that were purchased online? 

How to Get a Copy of your Car Key made

Assuming you’ve already purchased a spare key for your car, you need to get it copied at a local hardware store or have it cut by a local locksmith. 

There is one major difference between duplicating and cutting car keys. While duplicating is simply making a copy of your existing key, cutting it means that you either have a key code or can decode your key and extract the original (factory) cuts.

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While code cut keys are really accurate, car key copies often doesn’t work, due to many factors (worn out keys, machine calibration, key alignment inside the key machine, human errors, etc.). Hiring a nearby car locksmith saves you time and money by code-cutting your spare car key.

Local Key Cutting service 

Based in Maricopa, Arizona – we offer local key cutting service in Casa Grande, AZ. 

Let our Locksmith in Casa Grande help you with your key replacement and receive a courteous and professional car locksmith service near you.

How to Program a Spare Car Key

If you ever tried setting your oven or microwave clock than you already know that each device programming procedure, although similar, is different. 

Programming a spare car key can be done on-board or by using car key programming tools. 

On-Board programming procedures available for some brands, usually requires you to have 2 working keys already.

Programming tools are being used by both local car dealerships and car locksmiths. The range in prices to program your car key can be $50-$120 and based on your car make, year, model and programming procedures.

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