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Locksmith in Stanfield, AZ

Find My Keys provides local, prompt & cost effective locksmith services in Standfield, AZ and throughout Pinal County, Arizona. Our services includes emergency lockout, rekeying your home locks, replacing lost car key, damaged keys, new motorcycle key and program car keys and fobs.

Rekey your Home

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$99 Rekey

  • Up to 6 Locks
  • 4 Keys (included)
  • Additional locks $13/ea
  • Must have 1 working key

Need to hire local reputable locksmith to change your house locks? That’s us! Call now and get a local professional to rekey your home locks in Stanfield.

  • Rekey
  • Install Deadbolt
  • Change Locks
  • Extract a Broken Key
  • Fix Locks
  • One key to all the locks
  • Program Deadbolt Lock
  • Install WiFi Locks
  • Emergency Lockout
  • Copy House Key
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Rekeying a house locks – Locksmith near Stanfield AZ 85172

Car Key Replacement in Stanfield, AZ

Your car key might get lost, stolen or damaged in some way. No matter what is the reason, we can help with prompt and affordable car key replacement in Stanfield, AZ and unlike other companies that might try to charge you for the additional miles, our nearest service location is in The City of Maricopa, AZ. Yes, we’re local!

Additional automotive services available in Stanfield:

  • Copy Car Key
  • Program Key Fob
  • Program Car Key
  • Unlock Car (Emergency Lockout)
  • Rekey Car
  • Fix Ignition
  • Extract a Broken Key
  • Jump Start

Car Key – Estimate

Motorcycle Key Estimate

Our service include Motorcycle Key Replacement, key extraction and key copy.

Flat Rate Lockout Service

Did you accidentally lock your key inside your home or your car? Call Find My Keys and get fast lockout service or simply fill up this form to order service.

Locksmith Stanfield, AZ

Our nearest dispatch center based in The City of Maricopa and from there we provide mobile locksmith service to our customers in Stanfield, AZ and its surrounding cities.

Program Car Key

Get your keys programmed with the help of our local locksmiths. We program car keys, Key fobs, Smart keys, Proximity Keys, Transponder Keys and Fobik keys. Some keys can be programmed via your vehicle OBD II port, others can be cloned from an existing key and the rest needs to be programmed using a direct link to your car computer. To program some keys, the locksmith will have to either temporarily override your vehicle security or purchase a pin code from the dealer.

The different methods requires different tools and knowledge and might not be available for all locations.

Key Extraction

The biggest mistake that people make when breaking a key is to try and get it out themselves. Without the proper tools you may cause more damage to your locks and can end up paying more money just to fix the problem. Remember: To get the key out is only part of the problem. The other part is how to keep the lock functional so will be able to lock your home or drive your car without purchasing new hardware.

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