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Black vs. Red Key – Unleash & Harness your Dodge Power


What happens when you get the key to unlock your car potential

If you own a Dodge Challenger, Charger or Hellcat, you must have head about the magical “Red Key” that allegedly unleashes the engine full power.

Only with the Red Key, the Hellcat‘s driver car enjoy it unleashed horse power! With zero restrictions and access to an absolute power, this is a key np teenager should have access to. 

If you lost your key (red or black), you will need a local car locksmith or a car dealer to program new key(s) to your car.

2019 Dodge Charger Srt Keyless Remote Key Red Key

Rumors says that nobody knows the exact number of Red Keys out there and who has them… But if you own a Dodge and need to find a locksmith in Maricopa to program new Red Key – You just found one. Give us a call and have a Maricopa Lock & Key technician make replacement key on-site for your Challenger, Charger, Demon of Hellcat!


Testing the HORSEPOWER: valet mode, black key, and RED KEY!!!

Is the 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye the BEST everyday Muscle Car

Wife Has A Go At The Dodge Challenger Hellcat – 707HP – RED KEY

Dodge Red Key mode * INSANE *!!


With rising number of Dodge owners posting videos online, the rumors about the Red key were finally confirmed. Apparently, it’s a way to unleash your beast true power and, if you’re strong enough, to harness it.

The raving engine never sounded better than now. With over 700 hp, your Dodge is no longer a harmless cat, but a dangerous and powerful beast.



Dodge Hellcat Red Key

How much does a new Hellcat Red Key cost? How much does a locksmith charge to make a replacement Dodge key? We’ve collected the most relevant questions about Dodge Red and Black Keys.

Hellcat: Red Key Programming Cost

In order to add or program a new key (all keys lost) for Dodge Hellcat / Charger /  Challenger / Demon – you’ll need a black key, key code (to cut the blade) and pin code (to program the keyless fob to your car). 

Money saving tip! – Get your key code/ pin code from a local Chrysler dealership, buy your keys online and hire a locksmith to program the key. 

Hellcat Red Key price

The Red Key average cost is $130-$150 online and to program it cost $45-$105 (Get your car PIN CODE from the dealer and save money). 

Hellcat Red Key Replacement Cost

If you lost all your keys, replacement key will cost $235-$285 if you hire a local car locksmith.

Locksmith fee includes  new fob (Black or Red), key code, programming and trip charge.  If you choose a dealer, you may be responsible to cover the towing fees or to arrange for your vehicle to get to the dealership for service. 

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