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Car Key Programming Service

The busy life that we live doesn’t always allow us time for emergencies, this is one reason why some better prepare than others. As you start your journey, you’ll find out that for most cars, buying a replacement key online (original or aftermarket) will save you up 50% of the dealer fees. But, you still need dealer or equivalent tools to program your recently bought keys.

Your Neighborhood Locksmith

Find My Keys does just that. We come to you and program your key fob on-site. On your phone or tablet, search for car key programming near me and our nearest location should pop up on your screen.

The complexity level changes between different models and years. Some requires diagnostic tools and some are really simple and can be programmed by you. For GM and Chevy models, one working key is enough to make a copy but for Ford and Chrysler two working keys required to program a 3rd one. If you do not have 2 keys or even worse if you can’t find your car keys, your neighborhood locksmith can help and save you the trip, and sometimes the towing, to the dealership.

lost car key replacement without the original

Program your Smart Car Key with Find My Keys

Find My Keys locksmiths program smart car key, Proximity and fobik car keys. We come to you and provide on-site service, usually cheaper than your local dealer.

Mobile Key Programming near me

Want to program your car key fob in [geoip-city], [geoip-region]? Check our service area to see your nearest dispatch point. Our business constantly grows and with it the list of locksmiths and cities served.

Every once in a while a customer would call and want to program a key or a key fob that was bought online.

We cannot offer a refund if your fob does not sync with your vehicle. We charge you to connect diagnostic tools to your car and to run the software. If you provide a faulty unit or the wrong one, it might not program to your vehicle. The bad news? It may lock your car computer.

The Cost to Program your Car Key & Fob

Automobile locksmithing requires wide range of diagnostic tools, computers, chip readers and lock decoders. Bust mostly, it requires experience and patience. Programming keys can be thrilling, especially if you didn’t hear your car engine raves for a while. The feeling of freedom is right around the corner and the cost? $75 – $125 for most cars. Luxury cars and custom computer work will be charged separately.

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