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Cheap Locksmith

Customers who search for “cheap locksmith” often finds that the cheapest locksmiths are the most expensive ones. With tempting low service calls and multiple discount and coupons, many locksmiths offer “cheap rates” without posting an actual price.

If you can’t find your car keys and need a replacement key made, would you hire a “cheap locksmith” and then pay $500 ($1000 with 50% off) or $180 to a real locksmith? The numbers in the example were randomly picked to prove that locksmiths who post coupons without price can potentially eliminates the discount value. The super low service charge or scam coupons are not as important as the final price. Can your cheap locksmith give you a price for the job?

When it is a rip off

There is not an agreed pricing guide or code of ethics that all locksmiths follow. In fact, in an un-regulated industry, each company charge what it deem proper for it services. Easily compare house and automotive rates to handyman and car dealers, meaning that if your locksmith charges 10-15 times more than a handyman or 3-4 times more than the dealership, then you should not be afraid to ask why.

Cheap Locksmith near me Prices

Many cheap locksmith websites includes one or more asterisks next to their prices. One asterisk explains that the price is not final while others post that it is only the starting fee and that the final price will be delivered to you in person. Web or phone estimates cannot be 100% accurate all the time and there are times that a locksmith on site will update the estimate to meet the facts. Things like aftermarket radio, wrong information provided by customer, Weather , terrain or extra distance can change your estimate, but it is eventually up to you to ask the right questions and understand what services you are being charged for.

Vehicle Lockout

Car door unlock service pay online >>

Residential Lockout

Each additional lock is $25.

Lost Car Key

On-site car key replacement near me instant estimate]

Lost Motorcycle Key

On-site Motorcycle Key Replacement. Instant Estimate >>
cheap locksmith near me for car keys

Car Key Estimate

Because Locksmith has to compete with the dealership for your business, they often offer cheaper rates. It is important, because unlike the dealers who has access to your car manufacturer notes, locksmiths need to pay for this information or to work on your vehicle to make a key, on top of the fact that instead of paying for a tow truck, locksmiths drive to you. However, the trick is to be able to do all of that and still be cheaper than your local dealer (currently available only in Arizona).

Motorcycle Key Estimate

Lost motorcycle key replacement. On-site service. To get a replacement key, owner must be presence during time of service with ID and registration/ title. (currently available only in Arizona).

motorcycle key locksmith near me find my keys phoenix az

Rekey – Estimate

Get your home locks rekeyed with the help our affordable local locksmiths near you (currently available in Arizona only)

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$10 Locksmith? Don’t bite The Bait

Customers in Phoenix who searched for cheap locksmith near me, used to pay a service charge, to have a locksmith come to their vehicle for a free estimate. Can you imagine paying a service fee to hear a free estimate?

Today, customers from Phoenix use Find My Keys cost calculators to get their free estimate and make service requests. Our locksmith service available also in Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Maricopa, Stanfield, Casa Grande, Ahwatukee, Paradise Valley and Sun Lakes, Arizona.

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