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Cost to Copy or Replace Jeep Wrangler Key

If you can’t find your Jeep keys anywhere and need a replacement key, let Find My keys team help! Avoid the un-necessary towing experience to the nearest Jeep dealer by calling your favorite local locksmith in Maricopa.

Use Find My Keys FREE cost calculators to get instant estimate to copy or replace your Jeep key before you speak to a locksmith. Once we receive your information, we’ll reach out to our local contractors and connect you with one or more locksmiths who accepted out estimate.

Copy Jeep Key

More and more customers choose to buy a second and third key online, but has no way to cut & program it to their vehicle. If you bought your key online, not all locksmiths will agree to work with you, mainly because they don’t know the source of the key and won’t take the chance of messing your car computer due to wrong chip. For others, it’s the key itself that can harm your ignition if it’s too cheap. The cheap ones can get heated really fast and might break or expand inside your ignition switch. If you choose to provide your own key, know that you will still be liable to pay for the service, even if you did not like the result.

Most keys that we got online were ok and programmed successfully. Others acted funny (Trunk button activate alarm, alarm button unlocks car and lock button doesn’t work) and some had the wrong chip or no chip at all.

Before you buy your Jeep key online we recommend that you will read other customers reviews, good and bad.

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Lost Only Jeep Key

You can get a Key replacement for your Jeep from a local Jeep dealer or a locksmith near you. If you choose to hire a locksmith, Find My Keys can help you find the best one for your project by pricing the job based on location, year & model of your Jeep.

Different Jeep Keys

Jeep keys can be plain (no chip), transponder (with chip), remote head keys or proximity. The main Jeep keys in use are the remote head keys (2007-2017 and 2018+).

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Jeep Key replacement near me (Maricopa, AZ)

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