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Everything you need to know before Replacing or Rekeying your Locks

If you ever moved into a new place, lost your house keys or dealt with employee turnover, then you’ve probably been in a situation where you considered changing your locks. Most people don’t know the difference between rekey to change locks and assume that they are the same, while in reality rekeying is better and cheaper than changing locks.

Rekey, in my humble opinion is better than replacing your locks and the main reason for that would be economical. Rekeying your locks is cheaper than replacing the hardware inside your home. Unfortunately, some locksmiths choose to take advantage of customers who do not know the difference between the two options. They do so by leading the customers to believe that the most expensive option would be a better choice for them.

Change House Locks – is quite self explanatory. You remove the old lock hardware from your doors and replace it with new one. Lock hardware can be purchased at your local hardware store, big box or online stores. However, rekeying a lock means that the pins inside the cylinder would be replaced by new ones. This action tells the lock to “forget” the old key and “learn” a new one. For a trained locksmith, rekeying a lock is a matter of minutes.

Rekey Service Cost

This is a generic rekeying cost calculator. Use this tool to generate a basic lock rekey estimate and reveal the cost to rekey your locks.

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Missing keys, wrong customer input or damaged hardware are all factors that can affect your estimate and increase the cost during time of service. Although our estimates reflects certain reality, the locksmith on site may update the estimate based on the situation and customer needs.

What is Rekeying a Lock

rekey a lock

Rekeying locks is replacing the old pins with new ones in order to disable any existing key and replace it by a new one. The process takes minutes and when done right it eliminates the need to purchase new lock hardware for your home, car or business.

To successfully rekey a lock, a working key is required. Without it, the locksmith would have to shim or pick your lock open. Bypassing a lock will usually adds additional charges and at this point, you may considered leave it and install a new lock instead.

Rekeying Kit

For more than one reason, customers often wish to eliminate the need of a locksmith and rekey their own locks. Without judging, we are happy to recommend the Kwikset Smart Key series, the only lock that allows you to rekey it yourself. You can spot the smart key locks by the small punch hole next to the cylinder.

kwikset 295935 660 series deadbolt deadbolt
Standard Kwikset Lock
kwikset 295935 660 series deadbolt deadbolt smartkey
Kwikset with Smart Key Technology

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Are you looking to get your locks changed or rekeyed? We offer lock change and rekey service in Chandler, AZ. Give us a call and we’ll send a professional locksmiths or a preferred vendor your way.

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