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Ford Fiesta Key Replacement Cost Calculator

Losing your Ford Fiesta key can be stressful and expensive or a simple mistake that can be easily corrected by a local automotive locksmith in Maricopa, AZ. The difference between the two options is how you handle the situation.

Although you can get a replacement key by towing your Fiesta to a nearby Ford dealership, most customers prefer to hire a local auto locksmith for the job. Locksmiths often provide faster and cheaper service, allowing you to get back to your daily routine with almost zero interruptions, while towing your vehicle to the dealership for service usually takes longer and cost more than a locksmith. Why sometimes? Because choosing the wrong locksmith can be a financial burden or you, or a simple and hassle free solution when your key is lost.

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Ford Fiesta key replacement cost in Arizona

Replacement key for your Ford depends on your vehicle’s year and current condition. The price to copy Ford Fiesta key is different than to make a replacement car key if all keys are lost. This happens mainly because the costs to make a key replacement involves key code purchase by VIN and for some years, an additional key is required to successfully close the programming cycle.

Ford Fiesta Key Programming

If you have 2 programmed keys, you can program a third key for your Ford Fiesta by following these simple directions https://www.pinesford.com/blogs/2681/how-to-program-the-ford-key/

If you have only one key or if you do not have any working key at this time, you will need to contact a nearby Ford dealer or a local auto locksmith. Both use advanced diagnostic tools to connect to your vehicle ECU and sync your immobilizer system to a new key.

Ford Key Replacement by VIN

Getting a replacement Ford key made by your vehicle VIN through the dealership normally limited to 10 years back, while using a locksmith gives your more flexibility as locksmiths can go back to vehicle made 1997 and up. Additionally, locksmiths can decode your lock if key code is not available, while dealerships usually recommend to replace all the locks on your vehicle if the key code is not available or incorrect.

Ford Fiesta Key Price

We offer on-site key replacement for your Ford Fiesta. For custom estimate click here and get save up to 50% on your car key replacement.

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