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How much does a locksmith cost

The search for how much does a locksmith cost on most search engines populates websites with national average locksmith prices. According to these websites, the cost to replace lost car key is $100-$650. It is true, generally speaking, but not extremely useful information for someone with limited time and budget that needs to make a decision.

Find My Keys eliminates the need to guess the cost of making a new key for your car! With simple cost calculators you can find out instantly much does a locksmith charge to make a new car key for your vehicle.

We feel that when customers don’t have a price, then all they try to do is just to get a good price, regardless of the quality of service they may receive. But when customers know the price ahead of time, they can compare it to other companies like oranges to oranges i.e. what do I get for that price? what is the quality of the service? What is the company’s warranty policy? Do I get original or aftermarket key?

Locksmith Cost Calculator

Find My Keys designed to help customers get free estimates to copy or replace car keys, on-site, by a mobile locksmith.

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We can’t speak for everyone, but we can give you a fair estimate to copy or replace your car key by local locksmith in your area. We don’t ask for your credit card or your personal information. We ask you to choose your car information to see the average cost to replace your key. At this point, you can call around and get competitive estimates or submit your information and let us find you a locksmith that will work for that price.

We believe in people and their ability to understand complex situations by breaking them down to mini events and moments. This is why, as logical people, we can’t believe to the $15 locksmith ads online. It is very clear, at this point, that a new car key, one with a chip and keyless entry, one that needs to be delivered, cut and programmed by a locksmith to your vehicle on-site, is not going to cost $15. Don’t bite the bait.

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Find My Keys allows you to see the suggested rate, based on location, make and model of your vehicle. it’s not going to be $15, but something more realistic. We hope that these free cost calculators become helpful tools in your toolbox.

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