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Locked key in car

How to unlock your car door if your keys are inside

Locking your keys in the car can be frustrating and expensive experience. Here are some ideas that may help you save money and won’t damage your car. 

Motor Club Membership

You have an active roadside service membership and may be covered for this lockout service.

Insurance Company

Most insurance policies includes limited roadside service coverage that will allow you to unlock your car for free or at reduced cost.

Remote Service

If you are the lucky owner of a GM car with an active OnStar membership, you can call Customer service: 1 (888) 466-7827 and get your vehicle unlocked.

Car Locksmith

Mobile locksmith near you would usually be the fastest and more economic way to get your car unlocked, if you do not have any of the memberships mentioned before.

Vehicle Lockout & more

Did you know that most locksmiths can not only unlock your vehicle but also to help you get a copy of car key made?
Other services you might inquire about through our website are:

  • Ignition switch service
  • Car key replacement

Affordable vehicle lockout service in Pinal Couty, Arizona.

Local car lockout service in in [geoip-city], [geoip-region]? If you’re in need for a local locksmith in [geoip-city] to unlock your car, Let us help get you in touch with a local locksmith near you.

What if you locked your keys in the trunk

If you locked your keys in the trunk, you may need to get a new car key made (emergency key) or to have a locksmith bypass the vehicle security for you. 

Replacement car key available for additional cost CAR KEY COST CALCULATOR.

Potential damages to your vehicle

To avoid un-necessary damages to your vehicle, call a professional locksmith. The locksmith uses special tools designed to protect your vehicle doors, windows and interior parts from damages while unlocking it. 

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