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Locked out of House

Kwikset Smart Key locks are in use in most new and recently built homes located in Maricopa, AZ. Unlike standard locks, these cannot be picked and must be drilled or bypassed by a locksmith.

Find My Keys offer residential locksmith service to Maricopa, AZ and its surrounding cities. Residential locksmith includes house lock rekeydoor hardware installation and repair and emergency lockout service for customers who locked their keys inside their home. 

How does a locksmith unlock a house door

There are several ways for a locksmith to unlock your house door. Manipulating a lock can be done by decoding, bypassing, picking or drilling through the cylinder. Some locks easier than others and regardless knowledge and experience, luck is always mandatory when picking a lock. 

Locksmith in Maricopa, AZ decoding a Smart Key lock


Another way is using a scope-like tool to look inside your lock. This method often used by experienced locksmiths to make a key on-site to your home lock. With a copy of your house key out there, remember to ask your locksmith about rekeying your house locks

I was locked out of my home and called Maricopa Lock & Key. They came in 10 mintues and unlocked my door. The whole process was very fast and affordable I definently recommend this company.

Netra H (Maricopa, AZ)

How much does a locksmith charge to unlock a house

You should expect to pay $85-$150 to unlock your house door by a professional locksmith. In Arizona, we charge $75 to unlock single lock on your house door and $20 extra for each additional lock. 

We may charge higher fee for service calls occur after hours or during holidays and weekends. 

Lock pick set

Different Types of Lock 

Most residential locks can be picked by local locksmith near you! Popular locks are Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Brinks, Defiant and many more. Although the ideas behind lock pick remains, each brand has it’s unique way of bypassing and rekeying it locks. 

Service Area

Responsiveness is very important for us. In fact, we try to make our response time for emergency locksmith calls less than 30 minutes. If you feel that your emergency puts you at risk, dial 911.

We offer locksmith in Maricopa AZ and its surrounding cities. If you searched for locksmith near me and found us – make sure to check our service area map before placing a call. 

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