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Lost Dodge Ram Key Fob Replacement

Getting a replacement Dodge Ram Key is fairly simple and does not require you to tow your truck to a Dodge dealer to get a replacement key. In fact, a good local locksmith can help you getting a new key or your Dodge Ram at no time.

Dodge Ram 1500 Locksmith

Local car locksmith is probably the fastest and cheapest route to go when you need a replacement key for your Dodge Ram. The reason is that most locksmiths has the skills, experience and access to Dodge Keys (OEM and Aftermarket) and provide mobile locksmith service near you that will save you the need to call a tow truck.

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Ram Key

Dodge Ram keys can be divided to four groups: Basic key (1994-2009), Transponder Key (2002-20012), Fobik Key (2012-2018) and Keyless Fob (2019+).

In order to make a replacement Dodge Ram key, you will need a key blank, key code (or to manually decode one of the locks to retrieve the key bitting), programming tools (for models with transponder and fobik keys) and the programming code (4 digits pin code).

Lost Dodge Key
Lost Dodge Key

To make a new Dodge basic key, you will need to hire a local locksmith to either decode one of the locks or use a set of tryout keys (for 1993-1996 models.

Lost Ram Key Fob
Lost Ram Key Fob

Transponder keys are being made the same way, except that the locksmith will have to program your car key to your Dodge in order to start the car.

2012 2018 Dodge Ram Truck Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobik

Maybe the most recognized key with Dodge Ram in the past decade. Contact a local locksmith if you need a replacement Fobik key for your Ram.

Lost 2019 Dodge Ram Key Replacement

The latest Dodge Smart Key technology. Keyless fob with emergency insert key, durable and better encrypted smart key/ keyless fob.

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