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Lost your Chevy Pickup Key? Here’s why you should call a locksmith

Losing your Chevy Truck key can be stressful and expensive if you’re adding up the both towing and key replacement cost at the dealership. Alternatively, find a mobile auto-locksmith in your area.

The cons and pros for each can be categorized by price, availability and comfort.

price – the price for key replacement changes by your exact make and model. However, once you got a price from the dealer, get another bid from a nearby locksmith.

availability – Do you need to tow your car for service (key programming for models equipped with transponder key system)? How long will it take to get your car back from the dealer? How fast can a locksmith get to your vehicle location? If you call a locksmith do you still have to tow your car?

Comfort – Are you comfortable waiting while a locksmith is working on your vehicle of would you like to wait at the dealership? Are you comfortable waiting for a tow truck or rather wait for a locksmith? This is completely up to you.

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Do you have a Locksmith near me?” is one of the most common questions that we get. We’re a mobile auto locksmith in Maricopa, but we love work in Chandler, For your convenience, here’s an updated map of our service area, where our Chevrolet locksmith services can be reached.

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