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Lost your only key? Here is what you should do

Dealing with a lost key situation is stressful for most people. To successfully deal with this stress we have to better understand the situation first.

To begin, let’s answer few basic questions that will help us understand the situation.

  • Did you lose your own key
  • Did you lose someone else’s key
  • Is it a house key
  • It is a car key
  • Is there a spare key somewhere
  • Is the spare key accessible
  • What is the cost for a replacement key
  • Who can make a replacement key

It’s only a small setback

It might surprise you, but losing a key is very common in the US. In fact, locksmiths and roadside companies handle over 250,000 calls every year. A lot of calls come from people like you who lost their key in one way or another. Find My Keys help customers connect with local auto locksmiths to get a key replacement on-site.

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Find My Keys answers the first question how much does a locksmith cost. Having a ballpark price is good because now you have something to compare. A famous story goes back to 2015, where some solar company representetive tried to make a customer sign a $13,000 contract. At one point he tuned to her and asked “what do we have to fo to get you to sign this contract today?”, “Drop the price to $5k” she replied instantly. “Ok. Let me speak to my manager and see what we can do”. 2 minutes later he informed her that the new price is $5k. Needless to say, she never signed the deal, but this is only one example that demonstrates that huge markup a company can make when dealing with uneducated customers. Our goal is to make sure that you know what is the average price for the job before hiring a local professional.

Understanding the situation and your part in it can help you deal with it a little better. At this point, you have to consider your options:

Available solutions

  • Find my Keys
  • Replace the Lock
  • Tow your vehicle to a dealer
  • Find a Locksmith

Getting upset, at this point, is probably the least favorite option since it won’t get you any closer to find your keys. Remind yourself that it’s a problem with limited solutions and all you have to do is choose the one that works for you.

Find My Keys

The most preferable option here. Your keys might be anywhere at this point. Try to trace back your steps and use your cognitive memory to try and remember where you left your keys.

What do to if I can’t find my keys

If you can’t find your keys anywhere you might need to contact a locksmith or a dealer to get a replacement key made for your vehicle. If you want to service your car at the dealership, you will have to tow your car there first. If you want to make a key on-site you will need to contact a locksmith near you.

Locksmith & Car Key Replacement Cost Calculator
Locksmith & Car Key Replacement Cost Calculator

How much does a key replacement cost

The cost to copy or replace your car key is a combined sum of the required parts, key code, labor, programming cost, trip charge, etc. To get instant estimate to copy or replace your car key select your vehicle:

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