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On-Site Chrysler 300 Key Replacement

You can get your Chrysler key replacement from the dealer or a local locksmith near you. Sometimes, you can even get it online and program it yourself! But that option works only if you got two working keys already, and we’ll get to that. But first, here are your options if you’ve lost your only key.

Lost Chrysler 300 Key Replacement

If you cannot find the only key for your Chrysler 300, you must know that a replacement key needs to be programmed for your vehicle before it can drive. For that, you will have to tow your car to a nearby Chrysler dealer or call a mobile locksmith to come to you. Here are some cons and pros for both:

Mobile Locksmith

  • Travel fee – Most locksmiths will charge you $55 – $75 to come to you. This is cheaper than most companies charge to tow your vehicle.
  • On site service – Faster & easier service when local key makers near [geoip-city], [geoip-region] work on your vehicle other than towing it to a nearby dealership and wait for service.
  • Price – Here it gets a bit tricky. While most locksmiths charge less than the dealership, others use the low price as a bait to trap you in a situation where you must hire them at all cost. To avoid being a victim to a locksmith scam, use our lost key replacement cost calculator (Chrysler).


  • Cosy lounge – Most dealerships will provide cosy sitting area with complimentary popcorn and vending machines.
  • Wait time – Although the average program time for a Chrysler 300 is under 5 minutes, you might have to wait few hours, sometimes even a day since that dealership does not offer “speed line” for replacement automotive keys.
  • Price & Experience – The dealership carries only OEM parts and does not have any aftermarket key brands. With that in mind, you pay for higher quality and guaranteed work. The dealership can troubleshoot and solve problems that a locksmith cannot.

Program Chrysler Key

To program your Chrysler key you’ll need to know your vehicle’s pin code. Pin codes can be retrieved from Chrysler dealer or by diagnostic tools that used by local locksmiths.

Program Chrysler Key

If you lost your only set of car keys or if you just need to make a copy, a pin code is required to program a new key for your Chrysler 300.

Program your own key (No locksmith)

If you got 2 working keys and need a spare, you do not need a locksmith or a dealership in order to get it done. Simply follow the instructions on this video to program your key.

To cut your key, use a locksmith or local hardware shop. You can buy replacement key for your Chrysler 300 online or from a local dealership.

Lockout Service & More

Locksmiths do more than keys. Below you’ll find most common services available from your local locksmith.

  • Program Key
  • Fix Broken Key
  • Rekey Ignition
  • Rekey Car Locks
  • Program Remote
  • Copy Car Key
  • Replacement Key
  • Emergency Lockout
  • Extract Broken Key
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