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What to do if you can’t find your Ford F-150 key

For some, losing a key for their F-150 feels like a lion who lost his ability to roar. For others metaphors are useless because their only concern is to get a replacement key as soon as possible.

To get a replacement key you have limited options and we try to guide you towards the one that fits your needs best. We’ll review the 3 main options (Buy a key online, tow your truck to a nearby car dealer and call a locksmith).

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Find My Keys offers an alternative way to hire local locksmiths to copy or replace Ford F150 key.

  • Key Tracking Device – Look around, try to recall your last steps and check ‘lost and founds’ if you’re in a public place (i.e. airport). You can also use a bluetooth/ GPS key tag tracking device such as Apple Air Tag or Tile.
  • Ford Dealership – Your local Ford dealer can help getting a replacement key for your truck. The truck needs to be towed to get serviced by Ford.
  • Buy a Key Online – You can buy a key online and use a locksmith to cut & program it for you.
  • Call a Locksmith – Local locksmiths travel to your location and can help you program a new fob for your Ford. Calling a locksmith will usually save you the towing fee and might be just about or less the dealer price.
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Get Instant Estimate from a Locksmith

Click here to get instant estimate for your Ford F-150 key replacement.

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Find My Keys offers an alternative way to hire a locksmith. Using your vehicle information we generate a fair estimate to replace your F-150 key before scheduling the appointment. This helps customers get a price for the job and protects them from locksmith scams.

Ford Key Replacement

Ford Facts

Most newer models requires you to program 2 new fobs if you lost your only key to your Ford F-150 truck.

If you have 2 keys, you can program a 3rd one yourself without the assistance of a locksmith or a dealer.

With two working keys, You can retrieve your vehicle key code.

Although search engines claims to do a lot to create safe internet, it’s hard to fight those who spend day and night preying on customers like you.

While most bait & switch locksmith companies will give you only the starting fee and refuse to disclose final cost to get a key replacement for your vehicle, Find My Keys offers a complete estimate!

You must be careful when you see that a very low tempting fee, followed by a starting price to work on your vehicle, but with no cap or a ballpark figure, while real local locksmith in will be able to give you instant estimate for your Ford F-150 key replacement, duplicates, ignition repair, rekey and lockout service.

Don’t pay for a new key if yours locked inside your truck

When you call Find My Key for a key replacement but end up locating your key inside your Ford F-150, you will not be charged for a key replacement. Instead, you’ll pay only the trip charge/ lockout fee.

Program Your Ford Key

If you already have one key and need a low-cost duplicate, you can purchase Ford F-150 key online and take it to a local locksmith near you or Ford Dealer to get it cut and programmed.

program ford f 150 key find my keys
Program Ford F 150 Key (Locksmith)

Latest F-150 models using keyless proximity fobs that needs to be programmed to your vehicle by a car locksmith or a dealer. If you have two programmed keys or fobs in hand, you can program additional keys yourself without the help of a locksmith or any diagnostic tools. A simple guide available here.

Key Makers near me

Find My Keys helped many customers locate local locksmiths and key makers near you and can help you, too. First, get your instant estimate, then, we do the rest!

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